Sanko SE

Sanko Holding A.S. put Sanko Investment  into operation as of 2001 with the purpose of improving the presence of Sanko Holding A.S. in financial markets. Sanko Menkul Degerler A.S., with a capital of 25 million TL, experienced employee structure and the importance it attaches to information technologies is aiming at presenting widespread and qualified services to its customers within the capital market.

Sanko Investment, aims at leadership in meeting the expectations of financial returns and service quality of its customers and being permanent among distinguished, reliable institutions of capital markets. With this purpose, it offers all operations efficiently and transparently within the product range of capital markets, in consideration of common denominator of customer, employee and regulations institutions. With the purpose of offering better quality services to its customers, providing an increase in productivity, diminishing costs and attaining an internationally recognised level of quality assurance, general corporate policies of Sanko Holding A.S. and the vision of Sanko Investment . are mixed up to determined a quality policy.

Sanko Investment  mission is to abide by applicable laws, legal rules, group and company principles, recognising Capital Market ethical values as the fundamental principle, to render the best and top quality services to its customers by keeping the organisation in a dynamic position, to benefit from the technologies of the age in the best manner, to develop services and products towards new requirements by permanently investigating customer needs.