Three Different Trading Boards

Trades may be executed at three different trading boards at TurkDEX.

Main Board
"Main Board" is the board where the orders are matched during the normal session or price-fixing sessions.

Negotiated Deals Board
Negotiated deals are high volume orders that may affect the prices at the Main Board. Some characteristics of this board are given below:

  • Block orders are high volume orders that may affect the prices in the main board.
  • 2.000 contracts or more entered as a single batch are considered block orders/negotiated deals.
  • Both sides are definite in the negotiated deals.
  • Automatic matching does not apply to block orders; block orders are executed upon the approval of the exchange.
  • Block orders cannot be partially matched.

Advertising Board
On the other hand, orders, one side of which is definite, may be entered into the "Advertising Board". Price and time priority rule shall prevail when there is more then one advertising order at identical volumes. If there is more than one advertising order posting at different volumes, such special orders are filled in accordance with volume priority rule.