TurkDEX carefully designed its products by analyzing and determining the market's needs. One of the main goals of TurkDEX is to provide products accessible to every investor (institutional as well as retail investors). For this reason TurkDEX offers "mini-sized" contracts which are all cash settled.

TurkDEX currently lists futures contracts on stock indices, foreign currencies, short term debt and commodities. These products are available for trading electronically on TurkDEX trading platform.

New futures and options contracts will be launched in the future.

Equity Index Futures

Interest Rate Futures
3 Months Government Bond
12 Months Government Bond
T-Benchmark Government Bond

Currency Futures
USD/Turkish Lira
EURO/Turkish Lira

Wheat Futures
Cotton Futures
Gold Futures


Turkey's Most Liquid Financial Instrument: "TurkDEX-ISE 30 Equity Futures"

  • ISE-30 equity index futures contracts became the most liquid financial instrument within the overall financial system in Turkey in a very short period of time.
  • It offers foreign investors equity exposure in Turkey with a single transaction and best of all it is tax free.
  • ISE-30 equity index futures provide the means of going short in equities
  • It is a low-cost alternative to spot market due to leverage effect.
  • Fund managers can hedge their spot equity portfolio against price fluctuations by going short at the futures market.
  • Small contract size is attractive for all investors (contract size is around $4,000)
  • Trading activity at TurkDEX stimulated the OTC market and index equity options trading soared after the introduction of index futures.

A Great Way to Hedge Turkish Lira Exposure: "TurkDEX-TRY USDollar" Futures

  • TurkDEX-TRYUSDollar future contract allows investors and real sector participants to hedge against uncertainties in the currency market.
  • It offers speculators the opportunity to benefit from volatility in FX rates.
  • On the other hand, it gives real sector firms the opportunity to make long-term plans and to provide their clients with a competitive price without being affected by volatility in FX rates.

While the trading volume was considerable in the US Dollar/TRY futures in the first years of operations, trading mostly started shifting towards the ISE-30 equity index futures in 2006 and later.