Connection and Order Routing

Direct access to TurkDEX trading platform is only available to those organizations approved as Members that have fulfilled the legal and capital adequacy requirements and submitted the required documents regarding the Membership application.

TurkDEX's system operates on WAN topology consisting of permanent data lines and network systems between TurkDEX and its members. All orders are transmitted via member terminals and order routing is constantly updated. Members have the capability to trade TurkDEX's products remotely.

To meet our clients' expectations in terms of innovative, reliable and cost-effective technology, TurkDEX requires members to install dedicated leased lines. Orders are transferred over these leased lines to gateways, and then channeled to the trading platform located in Takasbank, Istanbul. Since both trading platform and clearing are at the same venue, members can connect to TurkDEX at the lowest possible cost.