New Projects

Improvements in the Trading System

  • Continuous efforts are underway to improve the current trading system.

A New Surveillance System

  • A new surveillance system is to be introduced in the medium term. A special importance is given to this system which will also enable us to monitor efficiently upcoming single stock future contracts.

Increased Cooperation With Commodity Exchanges to Stimulate Commodity Futures Trading

  • There is ongoing initiative taking process underway to stimulate trading in the commodity products.

Efforts to Remove Short Selling Restrictions in Equity and Bonds

  • By eliminating short selling restrictions and improving the short selling mechanism at both markets, investors will be able to benefit more from arbitrage trades.

Tax Incentives to be Extended Beyond 2008

  • TurkDEX is currently in the process of lobbying through the Ministry of Finance to extend the period of tax incentives beyond 2008.
  • The Banking and Insurance Tax remains to be another important burden on the banking sector. In its continuous effort to relieve this tax burden, TurkDEX is playing an important role between government officials and market participants.