One of the World's Fastest Developing Derivatives Exchanges

An Astonishing Volume Growth

Despite its recent emergence among the international markets, TurkDEX is now listed among the major derivatives markets. The Futures Industry Association (FIA) publication short-listed TurkDEX as one of the fastest developing exchanges in the derivatives industry.

TurkDEX has witnessed a tremendous growth in its trading volume since its first year of operation. The total yearly trading volume increased sixfold in 2006 and more than sevenfold in 2007. The yearly trading volume reached 93 billion USD in 2007; and the growth has also been persistent in 2008. As of the first quarter of 2008, the total trading volume is almost five fold compared to the first quarter of 2007.

In terms of the number of contracts, yearly total trading volume reached 25 million contracts in 2007.

Daily average trading volume of TurkDEX also increased significantly and is around 800 million USD as of April 2008.

A comparison of TurkDEX daily average trading volume with the daily average equity market trading volume of Istanbul Stock Exchange is presented below. As it can be noticed, the trading volume at TurkDEX reached 72% of the total equity trading of ISE as of April 2008.